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About Asayesh Industrial Group

Asayesh sanat tahvieh Co. was established in 2007 with the aim of providing technical and engineering services in the field of design, implementation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of central air conditioning and heating systems.
Over the past years, the company has been able to obtain sales and warranty representation
from large companies such as Azarbad, Tahviehsam, Faradishan tahvie Aria, Broad and Radin Gostar Sina.

Fields of activity of Asayesh Industrial Group

  • Production of air conditioning and central heating systems
  • Sale of air conditioners
  • After-sales service of air conditioners
  • Design and construction of modern greenhouses
  • Consultancy and design and construction of hydroponic culture systems
  • Production of heating equipment and greenhouse heating

Legal Mission and Project Goals

In order to implement development projects based on high values, the company is required to guarantee the following:


  • Safe implementation of projects
  • Implementation of projects in the form of approved budget
  • Implementation of projects in the form of scheduling
  • Thinking and prospective implementation of projects in order to exploit the highest efficiency
  • Adopt a suitable strategy for implementing projects in the framework of national methods and standards

Subsidiary companies