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Asayesh Industrial Group Hot water boiler

The hot water boiler, high quality and guaranteed price is an important product of Asayesh Industrial Group.


Optimize energy consumption

Optimization of energy consumption is one of the most important factors in production of air-conditioning equipment in order to prevent energy losses and valuable resources of the country. Considering the various factors affecting the energy consumption of buildings, has a great impact on providing solutions for saving energy and reducing energy consumption in the household sector. The efficiency of heating systems, utilization of equipment with a capacity corresponding to the thermal load of the building, as well as system controlling are considered as effective factors in the energy consumption.

Due to the reduction of energy resources and the ever-increasing of air pollution and global warming, Asayesh Industrial Group By using of knowledge and equipment of the day and experienced experts aims to optimize energy consumption and improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems. Some features of the products manufactured by Asayesh Industrial Group include:

  • best quality
  • Increase efficiency
  • Intelligent control of equipment
  • Equipped with anti-scale technology
  • Reduce energy consumption and pollution
  • Equipped with elastomeric thermal insulation
  • Decrease product weight and dimensions in constant power